Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Monday Night Riders

Here we are! After 33 miles... the Monday night ride group.
Glen, Rich and me.


Casey said...

Road(and trail)Warriors!

Is that a light turned on on the front of your bike?

Steph said...

It is on Rich's bike. I don't have lights yet for mine yet. Something I need to do though, before next ride hopefully. Being visible is good.

Casey said...

I guess it's just a reflector that's really catching the light then.

Steph said...

Lol, it's RICH's front flashing LED light. Guess the camera went off right when it was flashed on.

Both Rich and Glen are all equipped with the proper road riding lighting. :) Front LED blinkers and red blinky one in the back, which reminds me of F1 tail lights during rain.

Steph said...

OK no it's not a light at all. Geesh, I'm blind. That's my bike and the reflector on the front.

I just looked at the photo for the frist time! lol