Thursday, May 6, 2010

Soup is for Winter and Fla-vor-ice is for Summer

This day... it is so nice out. I just want to be in it. I had soup for lunch. And the decision has been made. I don't like soup anymore now that it's warm. Soup = cold weather food. Or maybe if it was dark out I would like it better. Strange I guess.

I took a break and walked around the yard. I didn't go to the studio today. The dogs are keeping me company rather than the sounds of traffc. I wish the iPhone had a better camera in it. It's just convenient and fun to snap photos of things.

Coming back in, I passed the bag of Sour Patch Kids on the kitchen counter and stole one. It was orange, and suddenly out of nowhere I was reminded of eating Fla-Vor-Ice as a kid. Something about the artificial fruit flavor...

Wow just seeing a picture of it that I just found makes me almost able to feel the frosty cold tube in my hands! Marvin and I used to eat this stuff all the time. It was stored in the freezer that was in our garage, so it was pretty easy to access. I remember both of us eating all of the green first. I think orange was my second favorite. And blue was fun because your tongue might turn blue. If purchased today, I wonder if the packaging would be the same – you had to cut off the top to open them. I remember getting the box cutter from Dad's tool bench and using that if Mom didn't give them to us cut open already (she'd use scissors). I also remember finding scissors and angling the sides of the sharp plastic to avoid cutting the sides of my mouth. I preferred to push the ice tube up from the bottom and let the melted, bright liquid collect there to drink afterwords. Marvin liked to eat his and mush his up a little bit into a slushy format. Sometimes, when a chunk would get out too far, it would just fall off. Then it was for the dogs to clean up. I don't think it was ever a big loss, like dropping an ice cream cone. We could just go get another one if we felt slighted. I love how the name is broken up: Fla•Vor•Ice, as if it's some sort of dictionary entry for summer.

Ok flashback over.


Casey said...

mmmm Flavor-ice!

you know what though. there were some flavors that were just plain bad. but Grape... oh baby, grape!

Butch said...

This was cute and it brought back memories to me as well. Hate to go backwards but being able to get there with good memories is sometimes very rewarding. Miss Marvin and that cute smile of his. I bet he would still have that sheepish grin like he was up to something or had already done it and it was for you to find out what.

Phone did a good job on the picture by the way. I'm impressed with what you have put up since getting it.

jamie said...

I don't think Fla-vor-ice has changed a thing in the past decade or so... we got a box when we moved into Halpin and barely finished it off before we moved :) The plastic sleeves were sharp as ever, but worth it!