Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Recovery Run

Tonight I tried to do a recovery run after yesterday's brick, which probably has left my legs a little sore. I don't feel like they're sore, but they are probably fatigued whether I realize it or not.

I went for 3 miles. It was windy and humid. I know there were storms across other parts of the area, but we only had the humidity in the air. Going out I was running into the wind, so it was a little harder than I would have liked it to be. Coming back, the wind was at my back, which was nice for the effort, but also allowed me to get pretty hot. I wanted to ditch my shirt on the way back.

Overall it was an OK run. I ran it in 29:09 so a 9:43 pace. I was wanting to do more like a 10:00 pace. Hopefully it was still recovery enough for my leggies.

On the way back I scared some baby ducks that were on the edge water of a pond I run past. I didn't see them, but heard the sudden panicked squeaking, so I looked over. There were about 7 or 8 of them scrambling to their quacking mother that was closer to the middle of the pond. They were cute. Back in my neighborhood, when I passed the firehouse, I smelled chocolate chip cookies baking. I suppose they probably have a full kitchen there, so maybe they were the ones baking them. Also, in the last stretch before getting home,  I heard a funny conversation between a little boy at his house on one side of the street and the neighbor man on the other side. The boy was informing the neighbor man across the street: "Guess what?" --pause as he waited for the "what" back-- "I can ride my bike without my training wheels now!!" He was very excited. His extreme proudness, which was very evident in his voice, made me grin. There aren't enough of those "guess what I can do now!" moments. And then I got thinking...I remember having a bike with training wheels - it was blue and white that my grandparents got me one year. I think it may have even had fenders. But I don't remember the training wheels coming off. I remember getting my pink Huffy and being barely tall enough to ride that. It was scary and difficult learning in the grass. That pink Huffy was the best. I popped many a wheelie with Marvin in the driveway. Marvin was always better at it though. I think I made longer skid marks on the driveway though.


Casey said...

That's funny. The first bike I remember having was a a blue schwinn. I'm pretty sure it was the bike I learned on. If my memory serves me, It looked like this but smaller, and with a blue/white seat.

Steph said...

Not sure if mine was a Schwinn...I bet my dad could find pictures of it though...