Thursday, May 27, 2010

Goal for Tri for Joe Duathlon

I'm really looking forward to the duathlon this Saturday!! I feel pretty prepared, aside from the fact that I don't think I have very good endurance right now for that second run. But we'll see what happens. 

7:30 bright and early, and hopefully not to warmly, I'll be on my way. My goal is to come close to my best time there, which was back in 2006. Holy crap that was 4 years ago:

Tri for Joe Duathlon 2006

5K run 1:  28:05  (9:04 pace)
T1: 2:41
18 mile bike:  1:03:20  (16.6 mph)
T2: 1:56
5K run 2:  28:39  (9:15)

Total: 2:04:45
(5K run, 18 mile bike, 5K - - - this year it's actually a Sprint Distance, 5K run, 20K bike, 5K run)

If I can run 9s on the run, I will be very happy. It will be a good start to the season. And if I can maybe manage a 17 mph average on the bike, that would make me very happy too. I need to get my computer fixed! Oh and maybe I can be faster in transition, geesh. Those are the slowest transition times ever.

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Butch said...

Two things, yes you are getting older. And, since you have such good luck with air leaking from your tires through little bitty holes, do you have a support vehicle following you along like Lance did? Is it the Greg mobile with some fix-a-flat?