Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Morning

Wow it is a gorgeous morning. I wish I could have just sat outside on the back porch, on the comfy loveseat with the dogs and a cup of coffee, catching up on reading. But here I am at my studio. :)  It was a beautiful short drive to work. The moon was still out and everything was very misty. The sky is perfectly blue. It's going to be a tough day to stay motivated!

I forgot my checkbook for rent, so I guess I'll go home for lunch and get that. And it's Monday, which means there's a group ride, so I'll also grab my bike and gear for that tonight! I need a do-over after the last ride and bonking. I'll make sure to take some food with me this time- wearing a new jersey with pockets = no excuse! I don't think they went last Monday because it was rainy, so we'll see what is in store. In fact, now that I think about it, I think Rich has a big 4-day, 400 mile ride coming up this weekend. So maybe we will go pretty easy. I don't care, I just want to get out there and ride.

And now it's time to be productive. I've already crossed some things off of my list this morning. Sometimes I put "gimme's" on my list just so I can have something to cross off and feel good for accomplishing it. Such as: "Sit down in front of computer" or "open blinds".  Ok, not really ;)  My list is really long though and has everything on it from work projects to looking for hotels for our trip to Greece. And oh how the weeds at home are calling my name... They've scrawled their presence onto my list as well.

This is what our house is going to look like soon if I don't address those weeds this week:

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