Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Challenge: 31 days

I have decided to step up the training and give myself a workout challenge and boost. Inspired by Steve in a Speedo's 14 Days of Nothing, his 2 week period of not training that he is currently writing about on his blog, I thought just yesterday: hey tomorrow is December already...what if I did 31 days of something? some serious training around getting stronger, healing my IT band and going into the new year feeling great. And then I can write about it on my blog keeping my fingers crossed that it might actually be half-way entertaining/enjoyable to read. And so it begins... DECEMBER CHALLENGE!!!! (cue lightning flashes and some dramatic music).

Details of the Challenge.
1. I will work out every day. Something.
2. I've broken it down into cardio and non-cardio/strength.
3. I will write about what I did every day.
4. I will try to include pictures if I can because everyone prefers a picture book.

Some of the Activities I Plan to Do.
From the non-cardio camp:
- Lifting
- Abs
- Pushups (currently working on being able to do real pushups, a challenge within the challenge)
- Stretching, including the evil foam roller (very important. sigh.)

From the cardio camp:
- Swim
- Bike (haven't tried this with the IT band yet, we'll see)
- Run (small amounts here and there)
  hmmm.... those last 3 sound like a triathlon....

So, it's on. I'm committed and now I've put it on a blog where my millions five readers will see.

Plans today? Dragging my bike and wind trainer out, queuing up some Netflix, and seeing how my leg does on the bike. And swimming later, hopefully. I will be back here later!

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