Thursday, December 10, 2009

December Challenge: Day 9

Wednesday was a crazy windy day. A good day for staying indoors, I set my bike up in front of some Netflix (queued up the Best of Will Farrel SNL...not as funny as I had hoped) and rode for about 30 minutes at a pretty relaxed pace. The setup is below for those who haven't ever seen...

How odd it looks from outside...

And from inside. The wind trainer is loud. It's definitely an activity to when no one else is in the house. Usually I'm in the garage-basement (or garagement I think I'll call it). It is nice and cool in the winter and isn't as disturbing for the other inhabitants of the house. But we had a water leak and still haven't put it all back together yet. So living room it is!

Totals for the day:
30 minutes on the bike trainer

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