Wednesday, December 9, 2009

December Challenge: Day 8

Finally a decent workout!

I did the Total Body class at the community center - this being the second time I've done the class. It went a little better this time, though I am sore today in the lower back. We did pushups again. Grrrrr...  There will be celebration when I can actually do pushups. And she kills our hamstrings. My left one complained a bit, so I took it easy on that side's exercises. I have decided that it is a great class to take - you can control how much you get out of it, and when else am I going to put some bumpin' music on and lift and contort my body into all kinds of strength positions? It certainly beats lifting at home, not only from a good workout standpoint, but also the enjoyment factor.

I told Krista that I sometimes have a hard time believing I ran a marathon in October.

After the class we hopped on a couple of stationary bikes and rode while chatting. Felt good to move the legs after that class.

Totals for the day:
60 minutes Total Body class
20 minutes easy bike

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