Tuesday, December 1, 2009

December Challenge: Day 1

One word. Iamaweakling.

The day has not gone as planned. Typical. Internet issues and a long lunch obligation caused me to have to shift things around. Instead of swimming, I went to some sort of Tonal or Total Body Class at the community center which was code for Weights Weights Weights. A woman with a loud mic proceeded to kick my ass with a bunch of exercises. I met my friend there, and I don't know if I would  have to the motivation to go back without her. I've never been one for the aerobics class setting.

We needed approximately 20 things for this class. A step thingy, blocks for the step thingy, a mat, two different pounds of weights, an elastic band and a ball. We used it all.

It started out with leg exercises, which weren't too bad, though they were definitely challenging. Then there were a lot of different arm exercises. Those were bad. We even had to do pushups (which I can't even do yet).

Kicked my butt.

Total for the day: 1 hour of kickmybutt weights class. A decent start.


Butch said...

I built mom a step thingy tonight in less than an hour. Basically the time it took to fix a couple of burgers.

I missed my burgers, nothing but that darn white meat T and C since last Thursday.

E-Speed said...

I used to go to a class like that called hard bodies. I called it sore bodies!