Monday, December 7, 2009

December Challenge: Days 5 and 6

Two days in a row of nothing. Booo. We had our bath tub refinished Saturday morning. A guy came over around 10:00 and was done by 1:00. That meant no showers until it had dried and we could caulk (which I did Sunday morning) and then that is still drying. Puts a damper into the workout schedule if you sweat like I do. I could have gone to the community center where there are showers, but I instead spent the weekend very busy doing errands, seeing people and generally just forgetting about strength and stretching.

So, two days off in a row have definitely left me recovered from spinning and the total body workout that I was so sore from last week. Jumping back into it - more spinning this week as well as swimming. And I'd like to get some short runs in on the 'mill.

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