Monday, December 14, 2009

December Challenge: Day 14

I started the day off with a spinning class at 5:50 a.m in the shoe pictured above (actually two of them), the last class at the community center until after the new year (bummer). It went really well - it was hard, but I felt like I was in control rather than just surviving like in the first class I took!

I liked this instructor better than the one from the first class. She took the time to tell us how to fit on the bikes and gave pointers and heart rate zones throughout the class. There was a chart off to the side to check heart rate zones and I had no problem getting and keeping myself anaerobic. We stood up and "climbed a hill" for 3 minutes quite a few times while "recovering" on a seated hill. Ugh!

On another note, I am pretty excited about a great article in the email newsletter I get. It basically teaches you how to build up swimming over 12 weeks to be able to swim in an olympic triathlon. So I'm not the only one that has to rest between 50's!?!?

Spinning 60 minutes
Pushups (wimpy ones)


KimZepp said...

When I first started trying to swim for my first triathlon, I had to rest after EVERY 50 yds!
I took a "swimming for triathlon" four week class at Miami Univ and it made all the difference! Within a year of that class I was able to swim 750 yds without stopping. Breathing every 3 strokes (every other side) and fixing the way my hand entered the water was the biggest change (improvment) for me.
Good luck to you!

Butch said...

Here you guys are talking about resting after 50 like it is something new. Well, 12 yrs. ago I started resting after I turned 50. Not a real bad thing to do but upon reading on I find I'm not on the same page;-}

Keep up the good work and Happy Birthday one more time.