Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Air and Track Night

Blog readers, meet Puffs Plus. Puffs Plus, meet blog readers:

I've always had bad, year-round allergies. But really, it's not a horrendous suffering. There are far worse things to suffer in life. Don't let the whiney seasonal allergy sufferers kid you ;)  However, it certainly can be annoying. And it does effect the days. I get tired and worn out a little more from them, depending on what the allergen is. Right now it's the damn trees getting their leaf action on. The driveway is turning yellow. My car is turning green (yellow + blue make green! - thanks ziploc!)  I brush the dogs off before they come inside. And today I gave my lungs a great workout in this lovely pollen-filled air.

Roman and I met at the track, and there was no meet (we have found a full schedule online now!) We warmed up for about a mile. Then I did 10 x 100 repeats with 100 walk recovery. The second to last one was rough. The last one was pretty rough too, but for some reason the second to last was worse. Then we jogged 800 as a cool down, which wasn't working as a cool down for me. So we walked 800 after that and that worked.

Stretching beforehand. Tiny ponytail.

A shoe's-eye view of the fake turf.

While we were there, the kids from a Catholic church in Mason popped up again. But this time I think it was their entire 2nd and 3rd grades or something. They totally took over, but it was funny. Some of them did 4 x 100 relays. We were cooling down at this point, so we just made sure to stay in lanes 7 and 8 as they ran past. One girl was running with her baton and decided she didn't want to carry it anymore, so she stuck it down the front of her shirt! There was quite a hoard of them, all doing different activities around the track and football field.

This isn't even a third of them.

Overall, it was a good workout. I was steady. I'm not so sure about this "sprinting" thing. I hope it will help in making me stronger. It's just hard - Roman's 800 repeat pace was my 100 repeat pace. But I have to start somewhere.

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