Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Tonight is our first kickball game - woohoo!

I am super looking forward to it, think it will be a lot of fun. I haven't played kickball in years. I have very fond memories of elementary school kickball games at recess. I think sometimes we started planning it before we even went outside. I recall running out to the wooden shed that was right outside the back door. The shed was where we had band, and I think maybe other stuff was held in there.

In this photo, the shed is gone. (Found these pictures on Facebook!) The shed would be about where the cars are, starting at the left most vehicle and going to probably the car between the vans.

We would line up on the side of the shed that faced out towards the playground and pick teams. The home base was on the right side of the photo. There were yellow square bases painted on the parking lot.

Another pic of the back of the school. And that short wall on the left was the wall you stood on if your name was on the board with 2 checks! :)

After picking teams, we'd take our positions and play. Craig Schauer was always one of the best. And Marvin was good too. I'm not sure how many girls played freely at recess, but I know me and my friend Krista would play. I think I remember that sometimes a group would already be playing. Can't remember if we joined their teams or just did something else. We used to play in gym class as well. It seems like it was always a free day kind of activity, rather than part of a unit. I remember playing inside in the gym, I suppose when it was raining. It was always a big deal to kick the ball so hard and high that you hit the ceiling and made some of it fall down. It was coated with that mustard-yellow insulation-looking stuff.

Here's a picture of the gym, not a very good one though. But you can kind of see the ceiling, and just how tiny it is! Note the little rows of bleachers on the left. We ate lunch in the half of the gym shown here. That wooden floor was awesome. I remember playing floor scooter hockey in the gym and getting my fingers pinched a lot.

Anyway, kickball rocks! I wonder if elementary school memories will just come flooding back into my head after the first kick.... ;)

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