Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Track Tuesday.

I am fueled with pasta and water for what I hope to be a very good workout this evening.

I walked into downtown for some lunch at the Works. It was good - Vegetarian Wearing a Bowtie is the pasta dish I ate. I downed two glasses of water and tried to surf some unreliable interwebs connection before heading back to the lonely studio. If the interwebs had been working, I could have stayed there all afternoon and worked. They were blaring a great Sirius channel and had the garage door open, so there was plenty of fresh (pollen-filled) air.

It is a gorgeous day. The empty planter boxes along the bridge across the river reminded me that this is a very nice early spring we're having - it's not even May!

This is a piece of the park that I have a partial view of from my studio window. It suddenly is very much in bloom.

The bits of pollen-carriers cast off from the trees fell in nice randomness on this bench.

Tonight I think I will do 100s again. I did 8 last time, so maybe this time I'll see about 10. And see about making them all 22 seconds. There isn't such a strong wind this week- yay!

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E-Speed said...

Hope the track workout went well!