Thursday, April 22, 2010

Longer Runs Soon

I would like to start ramping up the running mileage again. It's time to start to build up some endurance. I was looking online this morning at the Tri for Joe and another duathlon that is at Caesar's Creek the week before. Hmmm, decisions. I really look forward to doing another duathlon! And I'm happy to be this far on the bike already when it's only April. And I'm super happy to be able to run without any pain from my IT band! Now it's time to start introducing the mileage again, carefully.

Dexter's cool calm and collected face.

Today is going to be a beautiful day, so I'm hoping to get in a nice, leisurely long run from my house through the adjoining tree-lined neighborhoods and maybe around Landen Lake. I'd like to get to that wonderful zone where it's just my mind and my body easily moving forward, sustaining each other. I love a run where I feel like I am in a light current, listening to the rhythm of my breathing and feeling nearly every inch of my body working to propel me along.

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Butch said...

Hey Dexter, how ya doing?