Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Week

Often time seems to change its pace, and I don't know how the days pass so quickly. That is what last week feels like to me.

This past week hasn't been too great on the exercise front, so I have some work to do this week. I am hoping to go on the long group bike ride Monday night. Hopefully I'll get a few good runs in too, including Track Tuesday. Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon, so I am going to follow the couple of people I know that are doing it.

Tonight I got an email from the Girls on the Run Running Buddy Coordinator. She explained the next steps I need to do to become a running buddy for the 5K race that is May 8th. I thought that maybe I just didn't get in since it was late in the season kind of, but looks like I may get to be partnered up with someone for the race, and I also might be able to do one of the practice training runs with the girl. So I need to fill out some paperwork for a background check and then I'll hopefully be paired up.


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