Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Morning

ZOMG this entire week looks like it's going to be absolutely beautiful! I hope maybe I can take some time off to enjoy it a little bit. The front beds of the house are crazy weedy/messy. It would be best to get to it now before everything gets mega-established.

I have yet to make my list for the day. Letting the coffee sink in slowly, lol. Here's to a lot of energy to get a lot accomplished today. There is ongoing work, and then there's a lot to figure out with the business. It is a sunny day, which is nice. I feel like the leaves have come in so suddenly – my view of the park across the street is pretty restricted now. I wonder if the leaves on the big trees outside my window will have an effect on the light in my studio. Right now it looks like this.

I have my space heater on this morning, it was chilly when I got here. But it will definitely warm up this afternoon with the sun. I'm looking forward to a bike ride this evening. 

Off to productivity.

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