Friday, April 2, 2010

Weather. It's Nice.

This week has been sooooooo great weather-wise. And I also have been pretty happy with my consistency in exercising.

Monday was the epic bike ride, longest ever and beginnings of a new realm of cycling.
Tuesday we tried to have our first track night of the season, but it was converted into a 3 mile run in the park thanks to a track meet.
Wednesday I was very tired. Not sore, but just worn out. So a rest day.
Thursday I ran with Krista after work... ended up being a 45 minute chunk of activity, but we didn't run the entire time because we were both so tired. It was also very warm!
Today. Is. Gorgeous. I'm getting out to do something, be it a run or hopefully squeezing in a bike ride. I'm leaning more towards run because I'll have plenty of time to go on a bike ride tomorrow. Today I'm busy with work and the yard also needs mowed!!

So this is definitely more like it! :)

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