Monday, April 26, 2010

Rainy Monday

The tree outside my window is moving vigorously this morning. It looks blustery outside. The weather makes me want to be productive though - get a lot done inside since I won't be going outside. Today I am sore. I am not sure exactly what from...disc golf and running faster than I normally run on Saturday perhaps. Oh and maybe from the few push-ups I did on Saturday? Yes, I do think it is probably from the dang push-ups! I need to do them daily!!!!! In fact, I am hereby setting forth a push-up challenge for myself. I'll start with the wall ones. 50 a day. In combination with that I'll add on real pushups too. I'll do as many as I can, which is probably two. I need upper body strength. It is crazy how disproportionate my body strength is. So, yeah - challenge on!

I was finally contacted by Girls on the Run and will be running their GOTR 5K with one of the girls on May 8th! I'm excited, it should be fun. And it hopefully will lead to more opportunities working with them. I am sending in my background check form and will register for the race today. Then in the next weeks I will get details about being the running buddy!

My studio is creaking in the wind. I still look forward to a good thunderstorm while here.

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