Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Track Night Tonight

I didn't get to bike this past weekend as I had hoped. But then I didn't get to go on the Monday night ride either. I need to bike in between going 34+ miles!

Friday I ran back to the street that everyone test drives their cars on (it's near the dealerships). It's a nice relatively flat stretch of road lined with hotels and offices. I thought it would make a nice environment for some impromptu speedwork. It was about 8 minutes to jog over to the spot. I was carrying water, which was very annoying. I forgot how much I hate that. Then I ran for about a minute fast-ish. It definitely wasn't a sprint, but was faster than 5K pace for sure. Then I walked. I did this 6 times. I was tired. I don't know if it was the heat or just being Friday, but 6 was all I felt like doing.

Saturday I worked. Sunday was Easter. I did manage to run around in the back yard playing various tag games with the hubby's family. Freeze tag - when's the last time you've played it!?

Monday I had to meet Greg at the Apple store for him to get his new phone, so I didn't do the 5:30 bike ride. I was planning to go home and set the bike up on the back porch and ride for a while, but by the time I got home from the grocery store – actually while I was getting home from the grocery store – a good thunderstorm rolled in. So I watched a movie instead, with intermittent power outages and one spectacular lightning show. I suppose the actual ride would have been pretty miserable and interrupted by the storm.

Tonight is track night... I've called the school and listened to a hotline and there supposedly isn't a track meet tonight. Then I also noticed the school is on spring break this week, so we should have no problems!! Now I just need some good energy lunch...

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Casey said...

I hope you have an awesome run tonight! I hope the wind doesn't blow you guys over!