Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bike Clothes

Since I've been doing more road biking recently, and because bright colors and pockets are cool and necessary, I decided I should try to find some not 80 dollar jerseys if they exist out there. I started searching on Amazon and found a few, but decided to try to stick to just one brand for sizing/returns ease. So I ended up on Primal Wear's website – they make cycling apparel (including custom team kits - how cool would that be!?)

So I found some pretty good deals on some sweet summer riding wear.

Even though it's black...

I couldn't care less about the Grateful Dead, but this was $10.

The pattern is cogs screened back. Pretty cool.

And this one was called Candy. I think the name makes it more appealing... at least it's bright!

I also got some new shorts - I hope they fit. Kind of hard without trying them on, but they were only $30, which is CHEAP for padded cycling shorts.

It should arrive pretty soon! Now I won't have to wear the same jersey each time I ride!


Casey said...

Very nice, Steph! good find.

I was digging through the site, but I didn't see a "sale" section. Thought maybe I could get a shirt or 2 as well, for spinning and cycling.

Steph said...

The "sale" section is under the "Primal Outlet" circle-button at the top of the main landing page. I looked through the men's really quickly and it looks like there might be some that are around $30, which like it or not is a really good deal for cycling jerseys. You have to check the sizes though before you get too excited-- some will only have XS or XXL left. There were some random beer ones :)