Thursday, April 29, 2010

Track and Longest Run Thus Far

This week is crazy, and it's ending with the most craziness. But I need a break, so here I am writing.

Tuesday was track night. It was windy!

Here's the flag to prove it.

I got there first, as usual, waiting on the southern working commuters :)  I went to the bathroom to change. I must say, I felt like I could eat off of that bathroom's floor. It was sparkling! Here's a picture of me giving my thumbs up approval.

Greg and Roman finally arrived and I snapped a picture of us. Numerous ones, actually, but this one was the least head-chopping one.

I had warmed up a mile before they got there. Then I did a bunch of 100s all within 21 - 23 seconds. I only had my phone to use as a stopwatch because I forgot my watch, so that was kind of annoying. After doing maybe 4 or 6 100s, I met up with Greg and Roman again and asked what they were doing...and suggested ladders for them. :)  So they did 100, 200, 300, 400 and then back down. Not sure if they repeated 400 twice. Meanwhile I did a step-stool, lol. I did another 100, then 200, 200, and finished with 100. I was spent after that last 100. The wind and excessive amount of children to avoid while out there took it out of me. I jogged, catching up with Roman and Greg as they finished their sets.

Next week we need to figure out what lane is going to not have waste-high kids flailing around in it. I'm really worried I'm going to plow one of them over and that would not be pretty.

Wednesday morning I ran 4 miles with Casey and it was great! That is the farthest I've ran since my IT band injury, so I'm soooo happy! And it was the morning after track! I can't wait to start ramping up the distance.

In other news, my new bike clothes arrived! I've tried them all on and everything fits except the Grateful Dead tank and the bike shorts. So I think I'll send them back and get sizes up.

Today I'm taking a day off. We had kickball last night and from sprinting to the bases a couple of times I kind of tweaked my quad. I'll see what I'll do tomorrow - maybe a run maybe a bike ride.

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