Thursday, April 22, 2010

Day of Rest

Well, I didn't get out on the long run I was hoping for today. I am pretty sore from sprinting during kickball yesterday (!?). My hips are pretty tight so I decided to just take a day off. Plus I'm just absolutely exhausted. Really really worn out. I've enjoyed relaxing this evening.

I found that Blogger allows you to do tabs now. I am not sure what all to put up on my tabs. Right now there are two: Goals and This Week. Goals is what I've written as my recent goals. And This Week is a list view of what I've done with for the week. I can go in and change it every week. It's just nice to see the week all together. I track my workouts on, but it's kind of clunky and this will be a nice, easily accessible snapshot of the week. I thought about putting my times for races I've done, just so I can see everything together and use those times as benchmarks... but that is kind of embarrassing so I'm not sure I want to do that. I don't know what else to put on the tabs for now, but if I think of anything cool I will add it.

Tomorrow I have a lot to do, but I don't have any meetings or deadlines, so it's my own time. I am going to get up and go for a run...perhaps the longish one I talked about in my earlier post. It will probably be raining, but oh well.


Casey said...

Wooohooo for days of rest. I hope you got out for a good run this morning. I'm not scheduled for anything today, but I'm looking forward to a soggy run tomorrow morning!

Steph said...

I did not get out for a run this morning. But still hoping to this afternoon - need to loosen up all this tightness. Looking forward to tomorrow morning too.

Casey said...

good work on the tabs too. I just got to play with them, and It was exactly what I was thinking about for 8weeks and tracking intake... not that it matters anymore. If you want, feel free to play around with the configuration there.

Steph said...

I have a draft of 'intake' I've been using that I just keep adding to. I don't think I can play with the settings on 8weeks since you set it up. There is no layout option for me to look at anything. That's ok though.