Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tuesday Track Night - hot and windy

Hurray for our first successful track night! The school is on spring break so there wasn't a track meet! Plus I've found a hotline now that is updated daily with sports going-ons. Hopefully track is included and I can hear if there is a meet or not. We'll see next week I guess.

I warmed up with a mile. Roman joined me half way through, then Greg arrived. It was so windy. The first straight felt like someone was pushing you along. Then as you rounded the curve, the cross-wind pushed you to the far edge of the lane. And then you had to battle into the wind on the back stretch. Fun!

We all did the same workout, though Greg and Roman were off together in speedy-land running theirs. 8 x 100 with 100 rest intervals. I walked those. I felt strong and fresh for each 100. Never slowed down through the course of all 8, so that's good. The time was somewhere between 22- 23 seconds for each, which is slow, so that's a nice benchmark to start the season. I cooled down with another 1 mile jog around the track, but I never really felt like I recovered. My breathing never was under control. It could be because of my allergies I suppose.

Overall, it was a good workout, and I'm glad we're underway with our group track session. Now to figure out how to get more people to come...

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